Sep 11 • 1HR 8M

Startup Ecosystem in Malaysia

Presentation at a Recent Event

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Kevin Brockland CFA
At Indelible Ventures, we strive to promote the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia and bring attention to the stories of entrepreneurs and the businesses they have founded. By promoting the ecosystem, we aim to draw more attention and, with it, more VC Funding to Founders. RELATABLE - We uncover stories from Founders in our local market that will be relatable to an audience of Founders and Funders in the local market. USABLE - Our intent in surfacing these stories is to build the local knowledgebase derived from relatable and relevant experiences of a true peer set. SOUTHEAST ASIA - Limited audio content focuses on Founders in Southeast Asia. Further, as a Malaysia-based company, we are biased towards showcasing the underrepresented ecosystems in Southeast Asia.

This time around, we are sharing a recent presentation that our host gave at a recent event in which he discussed the different players in a startup ecosystem and how the current environment in Malaysia shapes up.